10007 Partial Charge

Attack type: Partial Charge
Partial Charge

card text:
:|: Only the Intrepid can play this card
:|: This card cannot possess more than 6 Energy Counters.

You may transfer Energy Counters from this vessel to this card during the Preparation Phase. During one of your tiers of the Action Phase, pay 6 Energy Counters from this card and attack 1 target in Range, doubling this vessel's current Attack for this attack only.

The second Legendary card for the F.A.S. Intrepid.

This card's effect can be used only during the Action Phase during one of your tiers. If you are required to pay or remove energy counters “from this vessel” you may use the counters on this card, as they are “aboard” this vessel. Only the player using this card can decide whether to use these counters as energy counters for other purposes (i.e., paying energy counters for a cost). Because these counters are set aside for this card they are not “possessed” by the host vessel unless the controlling player chooses to count them as such and they do not apply to another player's effect which requires a vessel to “posses” counters, such as “Power Overload”.


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