Card 11002 F.A.S. Intrepid

F.A.S. Intrepid
Vessel SHIP Card

card text:
:: Pay 1 counter: you may move this ship 1 space for free during one of YOUR tiers in Action Phase 2 this turn.
:: Pay 1 counter: you may draw 1 card for free.

The Intrepid class ship originally had a Hull of 26. The retool event gave it a boost, to 29 Hull. This is a heavy ship.

The Intrepid can let you draw a card before the tier sequence (for free meaning without costing a tier action). This ship can also give you a free move of 1 space DURING the tier sequence. In a "real time" type combat game, this ability can be invaluable.

The F.A.S. Intrepid was commissioned by the Free Africa Union in 2079. It was completed in 2084, one year before the Great Cleansing.

The Intrepid was designed with the latest in heavy assault technology available at the time as well as enhanced maneuvering capabilities.

The Free Africa Union formed shortly after the economic collapse of the Western world in the mid twenty-first century. With no choice but to provide for their own needs, and with an inherent distrust of government aid the Free Africa Union now comprises the largest government ever formed without the use of force. A small Federal government at its core, the many African nations enjoy the protection of the united African state in all aspects of relation with foreign peoples and governments. With this limited primary structure in place the individual nations have almost complete autonomy within their borders. By achieving an optimal balance between competition and cooperation coupled with unleashing the creativity of its free peoples, the Free Africa Union has become the greatest economic power in the solar system.

Normally a ship's special ability resolves during Action Phase 2, before any cards are activated (before the tier sequence begins). The Intrepid's (and Tavor's) move ability specifically states during YOUR tier, which means you can choose when to apply this ability during your move during Action Phase 2, not during the traditional ability resolution that occurs first during this Phase.

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