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10190 Active Defensive Armor

Active Defensive Armor Gear EQUIP card card text: [EQUIP] :|: This card expires during the Discard Phase if it possesses 0 counters. Place 5 "armor" counters on this card when it is put in play. :|: This vessel's Mobility gains -1. When this vessel is attacked, you may pay 1 armor counter from this card to reduce the damage by 5 (only once per card if attacked by an ATTACK card). description: Active Defensive Armor is another defensive buff reducing combat damage only. Unlike another armor card (Reactive Armor: Electromagnetic), Active Defensive Armor doesn't "transfer" counters from the ship to this card (see this post for more game keywords.) For this card, you'll simply add 5 armor counters to it from the general counter pool. Also, like Reactive Armor: Electromagnetic, this card's effect is optional ("you may"). But it also stipulates you may pay one (and only 1) armor counter to reduce combat damage by 5 from any attack hitt

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