10158 Obstructed

Move type: Obstructed
Normal MOVE Card

card text:
Move this vessel up to its maximum distance. If it is then in orbit of a planet, moon, asteroid, or debris field, and it possesses no more than 4 energy counters at that time, combat cannot occur with this vessel and another for the remainder of the turn unless both are in orbit of the same space of that obstruction (you must remain in orbit of that obstruction for this effect to apply.)

Earlier versions of this card did not specify "debris field".

If your ship is low on energy (4 or fewer energy when this card is played), and this card is played, you can hide behind most celestial objects on the map. Objects can still be targeted by effects which required "line of sight" but combat is treated differently since “no combat can occur”. The target will have to be in the same space as your ship in order to conduct combat with you. “Clear Shot” does not permit an attack in response to this card's effect because “Obstructed” does not limit line of sight by its card text.

You can move to a different space of that obstruction (if it occupies more than one space) and add energy counters to your vessel during the turn this card is played and this effect still protects you from attacks outside the space you occupy.

If a delayed attack occurs (i.e., “Missiles” or “Colossus Cannon”) and “Obstructed” is played before that attack actually strikes the target, if “Obstructed” is resolved properly granting its effect in its entirety, the previous attack cannot target the vessel which played “Obstructed”.


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