10001 Colossus Cannon

Attack type: Colossus Cannon
Colossus Cannon
Normal ATTACK card

card text:
:|: Only the Intrepid can play this card.
:|: Pay 10 Energy Counters from this vessel.
:|: Do not play this card during your last tier.
:|: This vessel cannot play or draw cards next tier.

Triple this vessel's current Attack for this card only. If still able, during this ships's next tier attack one target in Range; if this attack inflicts Hull damage, the target is disabled for the remainder of the turn.

Legendary card for the F.A.S. Intrepid

This card has a delay built into its effect (the attack is declared in the tier after this card is activated). If for what ever reason “Colossus Cannon” was played in your next to last tier, but your last tier is no longer in play when this card's attack resolves, the effect is negated because the attack is not actually declared until the following tier.


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