Card 10111 Missiles

Normal ATTACK card

card text:

:: Do not play this card during your last tier.

Double this vessel's current Range and reduce its Attack by 2 for this attack only and attack 1 target. Ignore obstruction limitations for this card. If the target is beyond this vessel's original Range this attack resolves as the first event during YOUR following tier this turn.

This is probably the most complicated ATTACK card in the game but it's actually not very difficult.

This card has two excellent effects built into the attack. First it allows a player to ignore obstruction limitations for the card. So as long as the target is visible (as opposed to stealthed or something like that) they cannot hide behind celestial bodies.

Second, for this attack only, your current Range is doubled. However, if the target is beyond your vessel's original Range you have to wait a tier until your attack actually reaches the target. In this case the attack occurs during your move on the following tier (which is why the card cannot be played during your last tier of the turn), in that next tier the "Missiles" attack hits the target before you do anything else on your turn.

In addition to the delay effect, the attack is reduced by 2 damage (for this attack only) regardless of how far away the target is from your vessel.

If the “Missiles” is duplicated the inherent Range and Attack modifiers are not cumulative, as they apply only upon an attack event not upon the entire card.

If any of your tiers are negated, nullified, etc., as to position “Missiles” in your last tier, there are two possible resolutions:
if “Missiles” was played before that tier was removed nothing changes, and you still get the attack from this card
if “Missiles” was played after that tier was removed “Missiles” is played improperly (since it is in your last tier) and negates itself

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