10196 MRSI Strike

Intervene type: MRSI Strike
MRSI Strike

card text:
:|: Pay 1 Energy Counter from this vessel.

When this vessel attacks one target 2 times with a card(s) of the same title in the same tier, those 2 attacks act as one. The damage that would be inflicted by the second attack is added to the damage inflicted by the first; add 3 more damage.

Multiple Round, Simultaneous Impact. By setting up 2 attacks by the same card title (such as doubling up 2 copies of the same card in a single tier, or playing "Double Shot" properly) you can combine these 2 attacks into a single attack, and boost the damage by 3.

If the conditions for this card are met, you may play multiple copies of “MRSI Strike” and get multiple +3 boosts to the attack. The 2 attacks (only 2 attacks) would be combined only once but all copies that were played properly will provide their +3 effects. Because of the finalization rule, all copies of this card you wish to play must be played before the combined, single attack is resolved. No further copies can be played for that same attack after it is resolved. Regardless of which player has Priority, all copies of this card, which are played properly, must be resolved before applying the attack.

The two attacks combined by this card are now treated as 1 attack in every way.


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