10005 Hybrid Scatter Cannon

Attack type: Hybrid Scatter Cannon
Hybrid Scatter Cannon
Normal ATTACK card

card text:
:|: Only the Tavor can play this card
:|: Pay 7 Energy Counters from this vessel

Attack one target in Range. If this attack inflicts Hull damage you may discard 1 card from hand to attack that same target a second time, doubling this vessel's current Attack for this attack only.

Legendary card for the U.S.S. Tavor.

This card allows an initial attack for 7 energy counters. If the attack inflicts Hull damage you may attack the same target again by discarding a card from hand.

If you are playing “Hybrid Scatter Cannon” in tier 4 and its cost brings your energy total to fewer than 4 energy counters, if you are using "Enhanced Technology" tier 4 will expire. But you may still use the entire effect of “Hybrid Scatter Cannon” because the activation and resolution of this card's effect occur in the same tier.


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