Card 11008 U.S.S. Tavor

U.S.S. Tavor
Vessel SHIP Card

card text:
:: Pay 1 counter: you may move this ship 1 space for free during one of YOUR tiers in Action Phase 2 this turn.

:: Pay 1 counter: you may draw 1 card for free.

The U.S.S. Tavor was modeled after the legendary F.A.S. Intrepid, but built to capitalize on a smaller crew and greater maneuverability. It is smaller but just as powerful, and more agile. This is a light ship.

The Free Africa Union, with access to technologies among all factions, fashioned the inimitable Intrepid to strike fear in heart of any foe. But the Terran Republic eventually unlocked its magic, and created the light Tavor class. It's Hybrid Scatter Cannon has earned respect every bit as much as the Intrepid's Colossus Cannon. With the Tavor unleashed, the Republic can finally turn the tide.

Normally a ship's special ability resolves during Action Phase 2, before any cards are activated (before the tier sequence begins). The Intrepid's (and Tavor's) move ability specifically states during YOUR tier, which means you can choose when to apply this ability during your move during Action Phase 2, not during the traditional ability resolution that occurs first during this Phase.

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