10136 Energy Shield

Equip type: Energy Shield
Energy Shield
Gear EQUIP Card

card text:
[EQUIP] | G4
:|: If this vessel possesses fewer than 4 Energy Counters this card expires.

Any damage (combat or effect damage) inflicted to this vessel is reduced by 2.

Only vessels of Grade 4 or higher can use this card. Any damage (effect damage and combat damage) inflicted to this vessel is reduced by 2. An attack of 2 damage is still successful against this card, it merely inflicts no Hull damage because the shield effect absorbs 2 damage.

This card expires immediately if there are fewer than 4 energy counters aboard this vessel. Energy counters "transferred" to another card equipped to this vessel (such as "Reactive Armor: Electromagnetic") count toward this card's minimum energy requirement. Opponents cannot use your energy counters possessed by other cards in this way; only the energy counters assigned to your ship are subject to opponent effects (such as the card "Power Overload"). Energy counters aboard a vessel can be used for any energy counter purpose that controlling player chooses.

If a shield and an armor card are equipped to the same vessel, apply the shield card's effect first.


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