10191 Reactive Armor: Electromagnetic

Equip type: Reactive Armor Electromagnetic
Reactive Armor: Electromagnetic
Gear EQUIP Card

card text:
[EQUIP]  | G4
:|: Transfer 3 energy counters from this vessel to this card when put in play. This card expires during the Discard Phase if it possesses 0 counters.

When this vessel is attacked, you may pay 1 energy counter from this card to reduce that damage by 5. If the attacker is adjacent and in Line of Sight, it suffers effect damage equal to the combat damage -3.

For vessels of Grade 4 or higher.

The damage mitigated by this card's effect is still “inflicted” upon this vessel, it merely absorbs 5 points of that damage. Combat damage is still calculated even if Hull damage does not occur. Other armor cards used in combination with this effect absorb damage in the same way as this card, so the initial damage is calculated in the kick back effect. This kick back effect reflects “this vessel's damage” back to the attacker, which means combat damage. Combat damage is all initial damage of the attack, before armor absorbs anything.

This card does not “target” a vessel, it simply reacts when the controller applies the effect. The primary effect of this card reduces damage dealt to its host from an attack. The secondary effect inflicts effect damage (not combat damage) to the attacker. If this card is used and also destroyed during combat (i.e., by the effect of “Damage: Decompression”) this card's full effect resolves (if the controlling player applies it) and then the card is destroyed. If “Squadron Assault” is played and “Reactive Armor: Electromagnetic” is applied in response, all 3 attacking Support Craft suffer damage a normal attacker would suffer.

If you are required to pay or remove energy counters “from this vessel” you may use the counters on this card, as they are energy counters which are “aboard” this vessel. Only the player using this card can decide whether to use these counters as energy counters for other purposes (i.e., paying energy counters for a cost). Because these counters are set aside for this card they are not “possessed” by the host vessel for an opponent's card effect and they do not apply to another player's effect which requires a vessel to “posses” counters, such as “Power Overload”.

If this card's effect is applied but this vessel is destroyed, the effect still resolves after the initial attack is calculated, then the attacker is still hit by this card's secondary effect.

You may pay only 1 counter from this card when attacked.


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