10132 Bulk Plating

Equip type: Bulk Plating
Bulk Plating
Gear EQUIP Card

card text:
This vessel's maximum Hull gains +3.

When this card is flipped face up repair this vessel's Hull by 2 (after increasing its maximum by 3 as a result of this card).

The purpose of this card is to teach the difference between current and maximum Hull. First, this card increases a ship's maximum Hull capacity only. Increasing capacity is not the same as increasing the current Hull (which is the definition of "repairing").

If this card is equipped from the beginning of the game (meaning one of the complement rules) it is never "flipped face up". If for what ever reason the card is set from hand and then "activated" it will be flipped face up, which provides a small repair effect of 2 points.


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