10282 Charged Plating

Intervene type: Charged Plating
Charged Plating

card text:

:|: This vessel must have "Hardened Armor" equipped and active or this card expires.

(-)  :|: If this vessel does not pay 1 Energy Counter each Discard Phase, this card expires.

When the effect of this vessel's "Hardened Armor" is applied, that effect reduces an additional 3 damage.

Charged Plating is one of those cards designed to enhance an existing card. In this case it aids Hardened Armor.

Hardened Armor is usable only by heavy ships (those whose original Hull is 25 or higher). Hardened Armor only reduces combat damage (damage inflicted specifically by an attack) and reduces it only by 1 point. Charged Plating adds another 3 to this value, for a whopping -4 or each attack against you.

But there is a recurring cost. To keep this card in play your ship will have to pay 1 energy each Discard Phase. You don't have to keep paying it, you can allow Charged Plating to expire if you don't want to spend the energy.

If for whatever reason Hardened Armor is no longer equipped to your ship, Charged Plating expires (it goes to the discard pile).


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