10276 Recover 2

Intervene type: Recover 2
Recover 2
Normal INTERVENE card

card text:

Move the bottom 2 cards of your discard pile to the bottom of your Action Deck.

You may pay 2 energy counters from this vessel to move those cards to your hand instead.

Recover 2 is a card similar to the staple Reroute. This one, however, has a few nifty differences.

First, the basic effect has no energy cost. You get to move the bottom 2 cards from your discard pile to your action deck, but by definition this means you don't get to choose which cards are being moved. And instead of shuffling these 2 cards into your deck you'll simply place them on the bottom of it.

Also, unlike Reroute which specifically excludes ENVIRONMENT and GEAR type cards (the purple and green cards, respectively) Recover 2 grabs whatever is at the bottom of the discard pile regardless of what type of cards they may be.

One especially useful (but optional - the card states "you may") aspect of this card is you can move those cards straight to your hand instead of placing them on the bottom of your action deck. This can be done for the low cost of 2 energy.


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