10268 Conservative Action

Move type: Conservative Action
Conservative Action
Star MOVE Card

card text:
:|: Play this card only during the Preparation Phase.

Move this vessel one space immediately. If this vessel played no ATTACK type cards in the previous turn you may also gain 1 Energy Counter and remove 1 "over heat" counter.

On the first turn of the game, there was no "previous turn" so this card will provide only a move effect.

Inferno's ability to draw cards when playing MOVE type cards does apply to Star cards, but only after the ship ability is in play. This ability must be paid for during the Preparation Phase, but does not apply until the first step of the Action Phase, before the Tier Sequence. “Conservative Action” must be played in the Preparation Phase, before Inferno's ability applies, so no extra draws may occur for this ship's ability in tandem with this card's effect.


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