10232 Optimum Range

Attack type: Optimum Range
Optimum Range
Star ATTACK card

card text:
:|: Play this card before any attack is declared this tier (in the Action Phase).

Attack one target at this vessel's current maximum Range, reducing this attack by 1.

Your ship's Range is not changed by obstructions, but its visibility is. While an obstruction may be restricting visibility to 1 or 2 or some other distance smaller than your actual Range, the current Range is unaltered by obstructions.

This card distinguishes between the playing of a card and the resolution of an effect. “Optimum Range” must be played (in this case discarded from hand) before any other attack is declared in the tier (for all players). It must be the first attack of the tier. This attack is subject to the Priority player's prerogative (deciding event order of actions involving multiple players) since cards are played as one event, and resolved as another event.

If multiple attacks are in the event chain (i.e., activated, discarded, etc.) the effects resolve according to the Resolution Sequence: (a) the instigating attack card is played, (b) other players are allowed to respond, then (c) effects are resolved. Designating a target (declaring an attack) occurs when the effect is played, before other players respond. The Priority player may nullify “Optimum Range” by choosing to resolve a different attack first (if multiple attacks are in the same chain as “Optimum Range”.


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