11003 F.A.S. Achilles

Vessel type: F.A.S. Achilles
F.A.S. Achilles
Vessel SHIP Card
[Attack: 4][Range: 7][Hull: 23][Mobility: 2][Energy: 4][Grade: 4]

card text:
:|: Pay 2 Energy Counters : one ATTACK card played by this vessel this turn may be played a second time immediately (you must tell all other players when you apply this ability).

A rapid fire gunship not to be taken lightly.

This is a light ship. (original Hull below 25)
The F.A.S. Achilles class was an attempt at using fewer resources and smaller crews to help protect shipping lanes throughout the solar system. The concept behind the Achilles was to capitalize on rate of fire rather than focus on increased fire power. The result is not to be taken lightly.

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This card's duplication ability is similar to the effect of “Heavy Guns” except this ability applies to any ATTACK type card you play, not merely to ATTACK type cards you “activated” (flipped face up). This ability must be paid for during the Preparation Phase, but it is not applied (or declared) until an ATTACK card is played.


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