11001 U.S.P.V. Inferno

Vessel type: U.S.P.V. Inferno
U.S.P.V. Inferno
Vessel SHIP Card
[Attack: 4][Range: 6][Hull: 27][Mobility: 3][Energy: 10][Grade: 4]

card text:
:|: Pay 1 Energy Counter : you may draw one card each time this vessel plays a MOVE card this turn.
:|: Pay 1 Energy Counter : during the Abilities Step increase this vessel's Range by 1 for the remainder of the turn.

Old, yes. Weak, no.

The Inferno class ship originally had a Hull of 25. The retool event raised it to 27 Hull. This is a heavy ship. (original Hull of 25 or higher)

The U.S.P.V. Inferno was built by the United Socialist Provinces in 2068. One of the first combat-ready space faring vessels, it's age in no way detracts from its strength.

The Inferno's purpose was to be a finisher of battles. Once this vessel entered combat it was sure to end soon, with the Inferno the victor. Many ships built after the Inferno were designed with this vessel as the standard, both to match its capabilities as well as in being able to defeat it.

The United Socialist Provinces are based in what little remains of old Europe. Population decline, excessive regulation of industry, and the worldwide economic collapse of 2059 instigated by the former European Union caused the survivors of that tragic period to merge under one centralized banner. Utilizing skill of design and the ability to nearly perfect existing technologies, the U.S.P. developed adequate defenses after the deaths of millions more of its people during the troubling wars. Famine was only one of the insurmountable problems; the Itnoah factions took advantage of U.S.P. well intended concessions and pacts, and forced the realization that peace would come only through their own strength or their own surrender. The latter would mean annihilation.


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