10194 Close Range Torpedo Damage

Attack type: Close Range Torpedo Damage
Close Range Torpedo Damage
Normal ATTACK Card

card text:
:|: Pay 2 Energy Counters from this vessel.

Attack one adjacent target in Range. For this attack only, double this vessel's original Attack then add + X, where X equals  the number of cards in your Discard Pile with the word "Damage" in the title.

Part of the "damage series" of cards. Doubling of original Attack power is useful in itself, but the added bonus makes this a great late-game attack. Just make sure you're no more than 1 space away from your target when you use this card.


  1. It seems strange that this works on adjacent, but if they decide to drift towards you, it fizzles. I'm assuming that this card can't be played if you share the same hex?

  2. Actually, "adjacent" is defined as no greater than 1 space away. So this card will still work against a target in the same space.


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