10174 Loose Cannon

Equip type: Loose Cannon
Loose Cannon
Gear EQUIP Card
Rank: Captain

card text:
:|: Only 1 Captain card may be equipped to this vessel at a time.

For the remainder of the turn this vessel gains +1 Attack for each ATTACK card it plays this turn.

This vessel may move 1 space during the Discard Phase.

If an ATTACK card's effect is negated by “Jamming” you still get the +1 boost to Attack strength since the card was still activated. If you use “Extra Action” and activate two ATTACK cards, they are both flipped face up before either one resolves. Thus, both of these ATTACK cards get a +2 to their attacks by the effect of “Loose Cannon”. This card's effect applies when an ATTACK type card is flipped face up (activated) and when you play other forms of ATTACK cards.


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