10130 Heavy Guns

Equip type: Heavy Guns
Heavy Guns
Gear EQUIP Card

card text:
:|: This vessel's original Hull must be 25 or higher.
:|: Your maximum hand limit is reduced by 1.

When this vessel activates a Normal ATTACK card you may discard 1 card from hand and gain 1 "over heat" counter to repeat the effect immediately (only once per activation).

Only heavy ships (original Hull of 25 or higher) can use this card. Previously this card did not specify "Normal" ATTACK cards.

This ruling on “Heavy Guns” also applies to the duplication ability of the F.A.S. Achilles. The phrase “(only once per card)” refers to the ATTACK card that was activated, not to the cards discarded as a cost. The application of this effect (the decision to use it) must be announced when you activate the ATTACK card you wish to duplicate (before the ATTACK card's effect resolves and before anything else occurs). This effect applies only if your ATTACK card was flipped face up. If you do utilize the effect of “Heavy Guns”, the duplicated effect is played, not “activated” (because it is flipped face up only once) but you must still follow all card text (including activation costs) on the card. If the duplicated card effect states “for this card only” any modifiers it includes are cumulative.

“Missiles” states the Attack is reduced by 2 for this attack only. Duplicating this effect via “Heavy Guns” allows you to attack a second time; so the first attack reduces damage by 2 and the second attack reduces damage by 2 (not a cumulative effect), but the Range is multiplied by 4 (because the doubling of Range is a "for this card" effect, which is cumulative).

The effect of “Double Shot” would double, meaning if “Double Shot” is played correctly to permit its second attack, the card would permit 4 attacks if duplicated by the effect of “Heavy Guns”.

If “Torpedoes” is duplicated by “Heavy Guns” it would double the original Attack again as well as reducing the vessel's Range by another 4 spaces. Example: if the vessel's original Attack is 5, the first attack gains +5 and then any other modifiers are applied. The second attack would inflict the that same amount of damage plus an extra 5, but the Range cannot be reduced below zero.


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