10126 Withdraw

Move type: Withdraw
Normal MOVE Card

card text:
:|: You may play (activate, discard, etc.) only MOVE type cards this turn.
:|: This vessel's Mobility gains +1 for the reminder of the turn.

You gain Priority immediately. Move this vessel up to its maximum distance.

One of very few ways to steal Priority from another player but limits you to playing only MOVE cards for that turn. To "play" other cards includes Star cards, not merely flipping cards face up.

"You" refers to the player. This is not the same as "Power Transfer: Engines" which states only "this vessel" and "activate" only MOVE  cards. You can “play” Star cards (that are not MOVE cards) on the same turn you activate "Power Transfer: Engines" but not if you activate "Withdraw". If you play non-MOVE cards during the turn before playing “Withdraw” the conditions for “Withdraw” are not satisfied, so it negates itself. If you play “Withdraw” before playing non-MOVE cards, the latter will be negated.

If you play two or more copies of “Withdraw” in the same turn they stack – increase movement of that vessel by 1 for each “Withdraw” it played for that turn; this also applies if you repeat “Withdraw” via the effect of “Double Burst”.

If “Power Generator” is equipped, you can gain Priority only once each turn, so if you already have Priority you do not “gain” it again.

If “Quick Shot” is played in response to an opponent playing “Withdraw”, the player who possessed Priority immediately before “Withdraw” was played gets to decide in what order the cards resolve (so “Quick Shot” can occur and then Priority shift to the player who played “Withdraw”).


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