10104 Close Quarters

Attack type: Close Quarters

Close Quarters
Gear ATTACK card

card text:
When this vessel attacks a target within 3 spaces, that attack gains +3.

When this card is flipped face up attack one target within Range.

This card cannot be duplicated as it's full effect (indicated by the [EQUIP] keyword) requires it to be equipped to its host vessel; this can be done only one time.

The attack from this card's activation gets its own 3 point boost if the target is within 3 spaces.

If “Close Quarters” is played while another copy of itself is already equipped, the card is not equipped and the 3 point Attack boost the second copy would provide is negated, but the attack still occurs – the equipped copy still provides its 3 point Attack boost.

If the attack from “Close Quarters” encounters “Jamming” only the attack effect is negated; “Close Quarters” will still equip to the controlling player's vessel. If “Close Quarters” encounters “Interference” only the attack is negated.

With “Fusillade” the +3 Attack boost provided by “Close Quarters” (applied after doubling original Attack power) can be applied only against targets within 3 spaces. Similarly, the +3 Attack would apply only against targets within 3 spaces with the use of “Raging Inferno Blast” (but the +3 is actually +9 since current Attack is tripled by “Raging Inferno Blast”). When multiple attacks occur, all targets within 3 spaces are subject to the effect of “Close Quarters” but not those beyond 3 spaces.

If “Close Quarters” is retrieved by the effect of “Return Fire” you may equip “Close Quarters” to your vessel and the attack still occurs because "Return Fire" states the retrieved card is treated as though it were activated. It still must be removed from the game if ever sent to the discard pile because the effect of "Return Fire" applies this cost to it.

If “Close Quarters” is equipped while the target is beyond 3 spaces away, and a delayed attack is declared (such as with “Missiles”) but then the target is within 3 spaces when the attack is finally calculated the +3 does not occur, because the conditions at the time of this card's activation were not met.


  1. This is one of my favorite cards, and pretty much a staple in all my decks. I have yet to find a deck concept where this would be a bad card to have.


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