10428 Power Transfer: Intervene

Intervene type: Power Transfer: Intervene
Power Transfer: Intervene
Normal INTERVENE card

card text:

:|: This vessel may activate (flip face up) only INTERVENE type cards this turn.

Each time this vessel activates a Normal INTERVENE card this turn, you may discard 1 card from hand to play that card's effect a second time.

Power Transfer: Intervene works in the style of Power Transfer: Engines, in that the cards you can activate (flip face up) for the turn are limited only to one kind: Normal INTERVENE cards.

But the effects is awesome. For the additional limitation of discarding a card from hand to the discard pile you can duplicate the effect of another INTERVENE type card.

Notice the wording of this effect is "play that card's effect a second time", so it doesn't stack (no tripling or quadrupling of another card's effect).

Basic cards like Repair or Extra Counters suddenly become much more useful with this buff.

Also notice this card's effect is not mandatory, as it states "you may". But you can use it for more than one card during the turn.


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