10287 First Officer

Equip card: First Officer
First Officer
Gear EQUIP Card
Rank: Vice Captain

card text:
If this vessel plays no ATTACK type cards this turn, this vessel may gain 1 energy counter during the Discard Phase.

If a Captain Rank card equipped to this vessel is destroyed or expires, flip this card to its reverse side.


Equip card: Field Promoted Officer
Field Promoted Officer
Gear EQUIP Card
Rank: Captain

:|: Only 1 Captain Rank card may be equipped to this vessel at a time.
:|: This card is first put in play on its reverse side.

This vessel may gain 1 Energy Counter each Discard Phase. If this vessel did not declare any attacks this turn it may gain 1 more Energy Counter during the Discard Phase.

This is the first "Promote" card. Promote allows a card to transform into a new card later in the game, under certain conditions.


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