11004 F.A.S. Brutus Magnus

Vessel type: F.A.S. Brutus Magnus
F.A.S. Brutus Magnus
Vessel SHIP Card
[Attack: 7][Range: 5][Hull: 20][Mobility: 2][Energy: 4][Grade: 4]

card text:
:|: Pay 2 Energy Counters : this vessel may perform 2 actions in one tier this turn during Preparation. (no more than 2 cards can exist in a single tier for a single player)

(+) If this ship plays no ATTACK cards this turn, add 1 Energy Counter during the Discard Phase.

This ship required significant changes in the retool event. Current Hull is still 20, but it now has 7 Attack, 5 Range, and its elective ability requires 2 energy counters. This is a light ship. (original Hull less than 25)

The F.A.S. Brutus Magnus launched in 2092. It was designed to take the opposite approach as that of the Achilles. Massive firepower with the capability of performing seek and destroy missions is the entire purpose of this power house. Where the Achilles is designed for defensive missions, this vessel is meant for full fledged combat with ships twice its size.

The Magnus is one of the later ships to be deployed in the solar system. Its design was meant to match or surpass most other vessels already in action. In many cases, it succeeds. Do not underestimate this enemy.

If all ATTACK cards played by this vessel are negated during the turn this vessel may gain one energy counter for free during the Discard Phase as its ability states, because the negated ATTACK cards are treated as having never happened.


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