10170 Double Shot

Double Shot
Normal ATTACK Card

card text:
Attack one target in Range.

If this card is played in secondary position (but the primary card is something other than an ATTACK card) you may attack that target twice with this card.

If “Double Shot” was played correctly but the primary card was a Gear card (which is activated and equipped to the host vessel immediately), as long as “Double Shot” was activated properly you still get both attacks.

If you do not have a legitimately activated card in primary position (it must NOT be an ATTACK card, and Star cards that were improperly set face down are negated and expire) you do not get to fire twice with this card even if it is in secondary position.

If the second attack from this card is negated the first attack is unaffected (i.e., “Jamming”). If the first attack from this card is negated by “Jamming” both attacks are negated because the entire card's effect is negated before any attacks have resolved. If this card's first attack is negated by “Interference” only the attack is negated; the full effect permits a second attack under the above conditions so the second attack still occurs. Also see “Heavy Guns”.


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