10157 Counter Strike

Attack type: Counter Strike
Counter Strike
Star ATTACK Card

card text:
:|: Pay 2 Energy Counters from this vessel.

Play this card when your vessel is attacked. This vessel may attack that attacking vessel if it is in Range. If the target is within 3 spaces, this attack gains +3.

The priority player can decide which occurs first, the “Counter Strike” effect or the effect of the ATTACK card that was played first. If the Priority player selects “Counter Strike” as the effect which resolves first, and the initial attacker's vessel is destroyed as a result, the initial attack still occurs. All effects that are in play (in this case, two ATTACK cards have been played) must be calculated.

If an attack was successfully declared against your vessel but later caused to miss via an effect or ability, you can still play “Counter Strike” in response. If the attack could not legitimately target your vessel in the first place you may not respond with “Counter Strike”.


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