Card 10205 Shaped Charge

Shaped Charge
Normal ATTACK Card

card text:
Attack one target in Range. If the target is adjacent and suffers Hull damage by this card, apply both of these effects:

* negate 1 card equipped to it with the word "Armor" in the title (before damage calculation) for this attack only

* discard to your Discard Pile cards from your Action deck equal to the amount of Hull damage inflicted and apply 1 "wounded" counter to each Crew equipped to the target.**

** Any Crew cards possessing 3 or more "wounded" counters during a Discard Phase are destroyed.

Basic effect includes a normal attack. But if the target is adjacent, you get to inflict extra nastiness. In that case, you must also pay an extra cost of milling cards from your deck.

However, if you satisfy some but not all of the requirements for the secondary effect (i.e., are adjacent to the target but do not have enough cards in your action deck) the secondary effect is negated, but the attack still resolves as normal.

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