Card 10199 Relay Coordinates

Relay Coordinates

card text:
:: Play this card only when this vessel inflicts combat damage to a target via the card "Clear Shot".

For the remainder this tier all friendly vessels in Range of this vessel ignore Line of Sight limitations for their attacks against the same vessel that was the target of your "Clear Shot".

Great card for team play, or for your support craft. Make sure you coordinate with friendly players so they can take advantage of this card's effect.

You must actually attack a vessel with "Clear Shot" and the attack must hit the target. The only way to make the combat damage zero is by making the attack miss or negating it. Reducing damage by effects (such as absorbing damage via Armor, "Deflected Attack" or other cards) is still considered hitting the target and inflicting combat damage. "Hull damage" occurs only if the Hull is actually reduced.

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