Card 10192: Multiple System Failure

Multiple System Failure

card text:
Select one vessel that suffered 10 or more Hull damage this turn.

All [Gear] cards equipped to that vessel which are not EQUIP type cards are destroyed. If this vessel pays 2 energy counters when this card is activated the selected vessel is disabled during its next tier this turn.

This card allows a player to destroy cards equipped to a target which are not EQUIP type (green) cards. The Gear card form is icon based, using the Gear icon. Remember, action cards have 2 major distinctions: type (color based, tells your ship what to do) and form (icon based, tells you how to play the card). Some INTERVENE and ATTACK type cards can equip to a vessel. These are Gear cards, even though they are not EQUIP (green) cards.

Disabled is defined in the rulebook as:
not active. Disabled vessels cannot in any way play ATTACK, MOVE, or INTERVENE cards in a tier or from hand. Nor can they execute their own special abilities (including STEALTH, CLOAK, etc.). Currently active abilities are also nullified. A disabled vessel can still play ENVIRONMENT and EQUIP cards, and Gear cards already equipped to it are unaffected.
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