Card 10140 Jamming


card text:
While this card is active roll one d6 when an opponent's action card targets this vessel. If you roll a 5, the targeted card effect is negated. All other aspects of the card effect still occur.

The effect of “Jamming” is not optional. Only effects which specifically target are affected by this card (the controller chooses a target, as opposed to merely choosing when to play a card [i.e., “Direct Hit” does not specify a target, the player merely chooses when to play it].). “Solar Flare” does not specify a target; it hits everything it can so “Jamming” cannot negate this effect. Also, “System Crash” targets a player, not a vessel, so it is not subject to the effect “Jamming”. Attacks by Support Craft or Transcendentals are not affected by this card because they are not action cards, they are vessel cards. If used in conjunction with “Interference” only one roll is required; this roll is subject to both cards.

If “Attack Position” was played and the following card was an ATTACK card, which is negated by the effect of “Jamming”, the extra space aspect of “Attack Position” is still satisfied. The effect of the ATTACK card was negated but the card was still played. Likewise for “Loose Cannon”, the ATTACK card's activation still occurs even if its effect is nullified by “Jamming” so the bonus to Attack strength still occurs.

If an ATTACK card's effect is duplicated by the effect of “Heavy Guns” but “Jamming” negates the first attack, the duplicated effect can still occur because “Heavy Guns” does not target the opponent, it targets yourself (the attack targets the opponent). If “Double Shot” is played properly and allows its second attack, each shot is subject to the effect of “Jamming” separately since these are two separate instances of a targeted effect.

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